Naturoscopie by Noe Duchaufour Lawrance

On the occasion of Design Miami/Basel, Galerie BSL presented ‘Naturoscopie,’ a collection of limited edition pieces created especially for this event by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance.

With this work, the designer is resolutely committed to go beyond a literal transcription of nature to rekindle the impressions and sensations that we all feel in facing certain natural phenomena. ‘Naturoscopie’ is above all reminiscence, a personal, as well as universal, Proust’s Madeleine. Design asserts itself as a vector of impressions, an image developer, a receptacle and a transmitter of emotions. 


This shelf takes its inspiration from basic structures found in nature. From the cell to the star and planetary systems, the universe is formed of elements in networks and interconnected materials. This design piece interprets and shows the fundamental structure of life, whether envisaged on a microscopic or macroscopic level. 


This set of lights corresponds with the responsive transcription of the sun when it filters through tree foliage. Within each head, the sequence of the LEDs and their reflection on mirrors and coloured surfaces interpret this natural movement, in a both fugitive and perennial temporality. The light asserts itself in the form of sparkles and bright or mellow green, yellow or silver fragments. In the mural compositions, the foliage pattern unfurls flat, on a single level parallel to the wall, the articulations of the heads making different positions possible. With the ceiling fixtures, the volume of the foliage opens out, the modules connecting at different heights. 

Mirror and two coffee tables

Each of these objects functions like a photographic black box, a developer of images and emotions. The perception of a landscape, of a changing sky, a sunset or an aurora borealis is supported by the partial, moving and coloured vision of a photograph printed on aluminium and concealed inside. What is important here is not the image itself, but the impressions contained in a past moment, in a souvenir kept alive thanks to the object which houses it and the lighting system implemented. The Led spots alternately dance across the printed surface. The photograph is never totally visible. The experience of the object thus becomes progressive, leaving the spectator free to project himself into his own sensory memory. 


A cloud appears to have been captured within this light. This image is created by the activity of the alveoli and their differential depth inside the object. The cellular framework thus creates progressive shadow effects, imitating the shape of a moving cloud through optical and kinetic effects.