Nature Inspired Decor - Brazilian Agate, Geodes, and Crystal Formations

Rock and Roll

As designers continue to draw inspiration from nature, we see more new works including crystal formations, geodes, and minerals that sparkle and radiate. From lighting and accessories to furniture pieces, one of a kind pieces are being created from everyday formations.

Yves cocktail table by Oly Designs - hand-hammered iron base with agate stone top

Oly offers an exquisite coffee table of hand hammered iron with as agate mineral mosaic top. The variations of colors give it brilliant form with a delicate hand.

Pure Brazilian Agate Decor by Rab Labs

For the table top, Rab Labs offers delightful picture frames of colorful agate and recycled aluminum. Designer Anna Rabinowicz creates “jewelry for the table” with her exquisite eye for color. Natural formed candlesticks, bottle stoppers, trays, and bowls of varying agates will light up the table.

Watch for bookends created from natural geodes, stand alone sculptures, or lamp bases of crystal calcite specimens from companies such as Roost or Design Legacy. The natural colors and shapes flow easily from modern to traditional interiors.