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Natural Modern Style — How to Get the Look

We’re seeing a lot of natural elements brought into modern rooms today. As you’ve seen in other posts, many artisans who work with wood are creating amazing furniture from salvaged trees. High Fashion Home in Houston, Texas, gives us a picture of their take on Earthy Modern style.

Cynthia Sofa - Earthy Modern Natural FurnitureEach Teak Root Coffee Table is unique because no two trees have identical roots. Made from roots that would normally be thrown away at harvest, these beautiful “earthy” tables are even more appealing because of their environmentally friendly design.

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The Cynthia Sofa and Chair are perfectly suited to an earthy modern room. Stylish without being ostentatious, the pair let the organic form of the coffee take center stage while they play subtle supporting roles.

Cynthia Chair - Earthy Modern FurnitureIn total opposition to the earthy look of the teak room, the Miramar Gold Table Lamp adds an unexpected touch of glamour.

Miramar Gold Table Lamp

What every earth modern living room needs—Silk Taffeta Drapery Panels. Actually the natural fiber is a great look with the teak table. A bit of nature combined with the feel of formality.

Silk Taffeta Drapery PanelEarthy Modern - Get the look from High Fashion Home