Moon Sofa System By Zaha Hadid for B&B Italia

Check out the “Moon Sofa System” Sofa designed by Zaha Hadid for B&B Italia

A continuous shape, a blend of aesthetics and ergonomics: Moon Sofa System expresses the perfect combination of B&B Italia’s tendency towards experimentation and the ongoing research into the complexity of curved geometry of world-famous architect Zaha Hadid.

The traditional idea of seating is radically re-examined to create a new, strongly dynamic angular shape: A “single block” sofa that looks like the back, seat and armrests were “carved” out of a single material. With a metallic sheen like an object from outer space, Moon System is at its theatrical best when positioned in the middle of a room. Its flowing curves appear to change from different points of observation. A matching pouf the shape of the indentation on the front of the sofa completes the scene, following and filling in the general design of the piece.