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The Flavor is in the Paper


Wallpaper just got more fun with the discovery of the Flavor Paper Company.  With a current resurgence of paper being enjoyed, this Brooklyn-based by way of New Orleans by way of Oregon company offers some of the most innovative hand-screen prints available. 


Sold in untrimmed, 27” wide by 15 foot long single rolls, Flavor Paper offers vintage, contemporary, and custom hand-screened papers in bold, decadent colors and robust patterns.   Each roll is custom made, making it easy to choose your own colors, logos or even patterns.  Ink colors from all the patterns are interchangeable, and designs can be printed on any stock grounds, making this company a designer’s dream. 


The pattern styles range from Flavor Paper’s own descriptions of floral, funky, geometric and traditional.  The company has truly put its own original take on patterns such as Cherry Forever, Sakura,or  Fishnet.  The mix of colors gives each pattern personality overload, and are definitely not for the meek. 


Flavor Papers’ cliental list is long, and features many of its installations at the site.  While many are quite notable that have been done for recognizable rock stars, hotels, restaurants and bars, one of the most fun had to have been at the SweetArts Ball in New Orleans.  Asked to design a “peep show” booth, they created a titillating reflective damask with black light friendly hot pinks and silver.  Using their pattern “Flower of Love”, this space created a user-friendly anything goes atmosphere. 

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