Modern Wallcovering: Going Beyond Wallpaper to Decorate Your Walls

Modern Wallcovering

Who said that decorating your walls had to be about paint or paper? Today’s new surfaces bring much more to the table than the old floral motifs of yore. Beads or shells – why not? Textured materials such as metal, leather, embossed vinyl or cork add a new dimension and architectural feel.

Cork Wallcovering


Cork adds a sustainable element with its natural properties. Attached in sheets or squares, it can be left natural or varnished for extra durability. You can instantly pin up artwork, pictures, or lists, or leave it alone to appreciate its natural beauty. As an added bonus, cork is an excellent product for additional insulation and sound proofing.

Modern Metallic Wallcovering

Recycled metal, such as aluminum tiles can be glued or grouted to walls for a sort of rustic glamour. Great for dining areas, backsplashes, or small areas, this wall surface will add life and light to an otherwise dingy area.

Leather Wallcovering

Leather is not just for sitting on. Leather tiles add a rich, elegant appeal to living areas, studies, or library rooms. Used in rooms that have an abundance of wood architectural features or furniture, it softens and warms the hard edges. Easy to install with glue, this durable surface will give you luxury for years to come.

“Beadazzled” Modern Wallpaper by Maya Romanoff

Textured Wallpaper Bedazzled by Maya Romanoff

An innovator in wallcoverings, Maya Romanoff offers a flexible glass bead, textured wallpaper, called “Beadazzled”. Its flexible backing material makes it perfect to wrap columns, boxes, furniture insets. The beads’ incredible light reflecting properties make it great for ceilings, and of course, walls. With the wide array of colors and custom options, this textured wallpaper makes a statement like no other.

Natural Wallcovering

Natural materials such as mesquite wood, woven grass, and reeded surfaces give a natural yet modern element to an otherwise cold space. Alternate the direction of the grain for an unexpected effect.

Textured Wallcovering “Mother of Pearl”

Another amazing feat of wallcovering is Maya Romanoff’s Mother of Pearl product. Layers of genuine shells are hand inlaid on tiles, making it simple to install and turn corners. An extra bonus is its stain resistant coating. Perfect as an accent wall for any scale to create instant glam – definitely not a product for the restrained.


Textured Wallcovering “Wallmica”

Lastly is Maya Romanoff’s “Wallmica” collection. Natural silica mica is laminated in micro-thin sheets to a sturdy paper, creating the look of granite in a wallcovering. This covering is extremely sturdy, and can be used in a number of areas, even powder rooms. The mica covering can also be toned down with a sheer gauze covering to allow for a more subtle appearance.

Your local designer or paint store will have samples of these innovative products to check out. You will definitely make a unique statement by integrating one of these looks into your home.