Modern Wallcovering: Alphabet Wallpaper

Alphabet Wallcovering by Basso and Brook

The alphabet provides a stunning and intricate backdrop for a wallcovering for Basso and Brook’s lacelike design. Available at Graham and Brown’s website, the figurative design tricks the eye at first with its flowing pattern, but becomes a conversation piece once you realize what it is you are seeing.

Available in shades of blue, lemongrass, almond, alabaster, and silver, Alphabet Wallpaper retails at $60 a double roll. Perfect for a dressing room, bar area, or even a powder room, this innovative pattern will suit many styles. The design team of Basso and Brook translate their ready to wear fashion designs into visions for the home. The creative minds of Basso and Brook are able to look at an everyday item, such as this lettering, and turn it into unexpected splendor.