Modern Textiles and Wallpaper by Kreme



Kreme, a two year old toddler of a textile firm, is growing a rapid fan base due to profiles on DesignSponge and in California’s recent issue of C Magazine.  Kreme first focused solely on producing beautiful, bespoke wallpaper in solid, glowing colors with a distinctly 70’s vibe.

Through this wallpaper, founder Cadee Wilder imprinted her L.A.-based company with an assertive yet non-aggressive style, one that infuses the design world with new images such as the “cutpaper giraffe” wallpaper,  the “Equestrian series” in blue or chocolate, and the Moroccan-tinged “Painted Gate” paper.

Kreme’s focus on inventive design has paid off, and Wilder recently branched into textiles. With Kreme’s new series of pillows, Wilder emphasizes the overwhelmingly tactile quality of the slightly overused word, “texture.” Silk-screened pillows carry actual baubles, as well as pyramid studs, pom-poms and slightly seductive strips of black ribbon. The result is a solid vibe of understated, sultry luxury. 

A room can wear Kreme’s pillows or wallpaper like a favorite tailored jacket. Kreme is available online and in retailers based in L.A., Chicago and New York.