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Ultra Modern Sofa and Couch Designs


“The Asami Light Sofa is one of their latest products. The sofa is very cozy and comfortable and besides that features built-in LED lights.”  The Asami Light Sofa: Elegant Sofas from Colico


The skill, care and creativity which goes into Parker+Farr’s luxury handmade sofas furniture gives character and an instantly recognisable mark of excellence. It is the philosophy to remain at the forefront of furniture design and to maintain the time honoured skills that have been handed down from generation to generation. The most distinctive hallmark of each piece of Parker & Farr’s…   Modern Leather Sofas Furniture from Carezza

Ultra modern leather Apollo 3+2 seat sofa set very stylish look with adjustable headrests.

A bewitched velvet ribbon creates a magic sofa. “Velvet” is a spiral shaped sofa upholstered in a sensual and luxurious smooth velvet.