Modern Interior Design for Your Kitchen


Kitchen design in the 21st century has very much been about mixing the modern and the traditional. A predilection for vintage fashion has shown itself in clothing, art and music, as well as in interior design.

However technological advancements have meant that now, more than ever, we are able to seamlessly integrate cutting edge products into our kitchens, from fridges to flat screen TVs. So ideally, your modern kitchen design will incorporate elements from both of these worlds.

Country Style

Parallel to the preference for shabby chic interiors has been running a fondness for French or country-style kitchens. This trend is all about making your kitchen look warm and cosy, as well as modern and chic. If you go for a country style kitchen, make sure you get your accessories just right. They should match your overall colour scheme but not overpower it. The best thing about a country inspired kitchen is that it will work within almost any home, no matter the style of the rest of the house.

Modern and Minimal

Minimal kitchens are great for people who have a similarly minimal aesthetic running throughout their entire homes. Best suited to apartments and ultra-chic townhouses, these types of kitchens are glossy, high tech and make good use of chrome, glass and discreet lighting.

If you’re thinking about going for a minimal look for your kitchen, you should make sure that you have as few accessories as possible lying around. This is why storage, in a minimal environment, is extremely important. Your furniture should also be chose carefully, so it integrates seamlessly into the overall look of your kitchen without making it seem cluttered. You can find contemporary furniture UK at Lovers Lounge – the perfect choice for interior design enthusiasts.

Complimentary Kitchens

When choosing a new design for your kitchen, you should always be realistic about what kind of kitchen would work in your home. For example, you may love the idea of a minimal kitchen, but it may not be practical in a home with small children or messy animals.

You should also take into consideration the design of the rest of your home, particular those rooms closest to the kitchen. For example, if, like some people, you have a conservatory leading off of your kitchen, make sure to keep the look of your kitchen interior design flowing through the entire space, and even into your garden by opting for complimentary garden furniture sets.