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When it comes to decorating with luxurious materials in the home, there is one item that will not come to mind: the urinal. Women’s faces scrunch up in disgust, while men high-five the idea of having their own designer piece. In the world of custom kitchen and bath items, designers are making a name for the urinal in the residential market.


Modern Urinals - Bucket Urinal


Modern Urinals - Toto’s Lloyd Urinal - Home Bathroom Trends

Modern Urinals - Toto’s Lloyd Urinal

Take Toto’s Lloyd Urinal, for example. Its sculptural qualities lend itself to today’s modern master baths. A slew of bath products have been designed to make it look right at home with the tub and conventional toilet.


Modern Urinals - The Spoon Urinal - Home Bathroom Trends


Spoon Urinal

LED Lit Urnial

At Phillip Watt’s website, the urinal takes on the form of a utensil, aptly called The Spoon. “Lots of people design chairs – where’s the fun in that?” he has been quoted as saying. Wary of drips and spills, these urinals provide an easier target for most men to abide with, giving the women of the house something to perhaps appreciate. Watt’s urinals work for both residential and commercial applications, with the modern look of his Gloo Illuminated Urinal. Molded of medium density polyurethane, it contains multi-colored internal LED lights to add to the fun.

Modern Urinals - Duravit urinal - Home Bathroom Trends

 Modern Urinals - Duravit urinal

Perhaps for the woman’s need for discretion comes Philippe Starck’s Duravit urinal that has a lid. While still every big the urinal, this piece has a modern elegance, and will look luxurious alongside the toilet. Taking aim at the urinal now has a new meaning in home decorating.


The Ultimate Toilet

The Ultimate ToiletThe Ultimate Toilet

The Ultimate Toilet

The Ultimate Toilet

Here’s an innovative toilet system that turns into a urinal with just a press of a button. You read it correct, designed by Young Sang Eun, it’s the Ultimate Clean Toilet that can be changed into a toilet and a urinal whenever required. 

Transform your toilet to urinal with the flick of a button by HomeTone


No Splash, No Flush Urinals from Kohler

Flush-less UrinalsIf the “if it’s yellow let it mellow” debate still rages in your home, have we got the solution for you: a waterless urinal. Though most often relegated to restaurant bathrooms and the like, urinals in the home make tons of sense: they save thousands of gallons of water and you don’t have to worry about remembering to put the seat down.

No Splash, No Flush Urinals from Kohler

Peeandgo Female Urinal

Peeandgo Female Urinal

Peeandgo is a golden urinal for women. Inspired by traditional asian squat urinals and refined through a user centric process, peeandgo is designed to gain comfort, efficiency, hygiene and – break deeply rooted behavioural patterns in the west.

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