Modern Elegant Dining Tables by Sovet


Modern Dining Tables by Sovet

Starting from the 90’s Sovet Italia confirms itself as a leader of the sector thanks to its range of products which stand out for the originality of the forms, colours and finishes; pure protagonists of a unique and unmistakable space.

Sovet was founded at the end of the 80’s, the period in which glass became a very important protagonist in the furniture market. The modern glass-processing technique enables joining the maximum artistic expression with innovative and functional projects, combining tradition, advanced technologies and contemporary design.



Lambda Modern Dining Table by Sovet

Lambda Dining Table With Two Bases

Lambda Colour Dining Table by Sovet

Lambda has been inspired by the dynamism of a moving element, like the ribbon of a gymnast that vaults in the air designing natural and soft shapes.  The base is made in Cristalplant, an hard and solid material, which is also very pleasant to the touch and eco-friendly.  Its sinuous shape, synthesis of personality and elegance, perfectly matches the lightness of the glass top.



Slim Modern Dining Table by SovetSlim Extendible Dining Table by Sovet

Slim is a table of harmonious and essential design: 4 legs are in die-cast aluminum, polished with a mirror finish or laquered.  It the extensible version they move sideways to reveal an HPL extension.  The round corners of the top make it safer and emphasize its elegance at the same time.



Palace Dining Table by Sovet

 Palace Modern Dining Table by Sovet

The idea behind the palace table remains the same in the extendible version: A perfectly plain glass top set on a large metal support inspired by industrial architecture, completed by two glass extensions easily extractable.  A synthesis of refinement and functionality.



Valencia Dining Table by Sovet

Transparency and color create unusual effects in the Valencia: the table is available in clear or extralight glass with lacquered or plated floor base and clear, extralight, lacquered or plated top. An idea that produces multiple visual effects, adding a new dimension to the design of the table.  A steel sheet under the base of Valencia provides lasting protection for the lacquered surface and ensures maximum stability and safety.



Totem Dining Table by Sovet

Totem Dining Table with Two Bases

A sheet of plated glass and a base in mat stainless steel make up a table with a distinctive personality and versatility of setting - from the living area to the kitchen, according to different furnishing and architectural styles.  The base is also available in lacquered metal, various finishes, to allow the possibility of playing with color contrasts and coordination. 



Flute Dining Table by Sovet

Essentiality and lightness that mark the design of Flute Table are exalted by the various finishes available: base in polished chrome or lacquered metal and top in lacquered glass or HPL.



Aikido Dining Table by Sovet

Aikido is a dining table with a strong design made of superb quality and warm materials.  This table becomes a protagonist in daily life and in any space: the harmonious lines crossing of the base in wood wenge finish or plated in polished chrome is completed by a round, oval or polygonal top, available in different finishes.



Artiko Dining Table is a new classic for contemporary settings, thanks to the minimalist and rigorous design of its glued glass base.  In the polygonal version, the particular shape of the top gives the table an original and strong presence within the whole room.



Party Dining Table by Sovet

Party is a dining table of essential and timeless design.  The bases in bent glass can be positioned outward or inward facing, in order to create different visual effects.  The base are available in mono or two-tones lacquered glass.



Frog Dining Table by Sovet

Frog dining table is made from single sheet of glass curved and shaped with consummate skill. The purity of its design belies its exceptional strength which is achieved through the particular curvature given to the thick glass sheet.



Toronto Dining Table by Sovet

The lacquered or plated glass top of Toronto Table is supported by a structure in wood.  The legs with the special V profile give a lively visual sense of lightness, while maintaining the solidity and strong presence of the overall structure.  The lacquered or plated top is available in various colors as well as frame and table legs: with a white open-pore lacquer finish, wenge stained oak veneer or “Canaletto” walnut.



Jean Dining Table by Sovet

With its pleasantly minimalist design, Jean is a four-legged table in aluminum with a triangular profile, and with steel plates which are visible in the clear top version and hidden in the lacquered version.



Extention Dining Table by Sovet

Extention adds yet another facet to the beauty of the glass.  The extendible top augments the opportunities for enjoying the use of this table without spoiling the graceful simplicity of its design. Simple and practical, the extention mechanism is totally invisible.

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