Modern Design Furniture by Baek-Ki Kim

The Twisted Chair

Designer Baek-Ki Kim’s take on the simple art of seating is a bit twisted.  The Twisted Twisted stool appears to have been distorted by a mammoth force, only to create a functional seat.  The minimal lines show how gravity can contort and reshape, yet maintain a graceful elegance.  One-off editions are made from spray molded ABS plastic, with carbon fiber editions made to order. 

Baek-Ki Kim Twisted Stool | Photo curtosy of Design Spotter

Several shapes and heights are available to fit each space.  The play of light off the curvatures is also a work of art that continues to develop different times of the day as the sun moves.  If you actually used the stool for a seat, then you may find yourself contorting a bit as you conform.  Kim’s artful approach is characteristic of all his designs.  More of his work is available at the website, and inquires are welcome.