Melamine Plate Collection by Thomas Paul

Thomas Paul’s Melamine Plates

Melamine Dinnerware

Style Estate celebrates Thomas Paul’s  inventive and adventurous spirit by highlighting his “Scrimshaw” melamine dinnerware collection. Scrimshaw was a whaler’s handiwork and art form. It involved etching scenes of whaling life onto the bones and teeth of whales. Echoing John Derian’s revitalization of decoupage, Thomas Paul creates seasonal, tabletop collections in melamine, thus bringing an intelligent sense of style to the public for an affordable price. Visit Thomas Paul’s website for greater insight into his work, philosophy, design practice and items.

The Orinthology Melamine Dinnerware Set

Oranthology Melamine Plates

Melamine Plates inspired by the study of birds. The “Orinthology” Melamine Plate Collection is inspired by charts used to illustrate the different species of birds.

 The “Skrimshaw” Melamine Plates

Scrimshaw was an art practiced by sailors on whaling ships while out at sea.  The Skrimshaw Melamine Collection looks to recapture the feeling of this art form.

The “Portland” Melamine Plate Collection

The Portland Melamine Plate Collection is inspired by one of America’s greatest cities.  Surrounded by lush forests and nature, yet cosmopolitin and cultured, Portland offers the best of both worlds.

The Ludlite Melamine Plate Collection


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