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Javier Mariscal’s “Me Too” Collection: Childrens Decor

Childrens Decor

When you were a kid, did you ever wish that a drawing could instantly become a real life piece?  Such is the case for Javier Mariscal, a Spanish artist and designer whose work has been an exhibit at the Design Museum in London.  Marsical’s Me Too Collection for kids, part of the Magis inspiring line of childrens home furnishings.  A lifetime of furniture design, sculpture, illustration, and painting has made a distinct mark on his successful career. 

Home Decor for Kids

The Villa Julia cardboard house is one of those childhood fantasies come to life.  With its cartoony black and white outlines, this small playhouse is the envy of all kids on the block, making those old washing machine boxes look like condemned housing.  The playhouse is available on request from Magis. 

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