Making A New Home Your Own

It doesn’t matter whether you’re quite literally royalty, or just a pauper – we all like to live in homes that feel like true extensions of ourselves.

Moving into a new home for the first time may be exciting, but sooner or later, you’ll want to decorate those sterile walls and functional spaces with some suitably unique and homely items. From hanging up eye-catching artwork to installing kitchen units built to last, here are some of our suggestions of exactly what you can do to make your new home your own.

Do some repainting and wallpapering


If you can’t resist the opportunity to dabble in some DIY, then perhaps the obvious place to start is with some repainting and wallpapering… but have you thought carefully about the exact colour scheme that you want for your home? Do you want particular colours for certain rooms? How will these relate to those shades elsewhere in the house? How do other occupants feel about it?

Hang up some great artwork!


Those bare walls can be incredibly annoying to look at constantly, so why not fill them by indulging your inner art critic? You don’t need to blow your savings on expensive painted landscapes if you don’t want to. If you want, you could just buy a canvas print depicting something that is especially close to your heart, or even go to your nearest university fine art degree show to purchase some cheap masterpieces by future stars of the art world.

Flaunt your hobbies and interests


We all have our own weird and wonderful interests that can be shown off in our homes. If you’re an avid reader, for example, have full bookcases positioned in strategic places around the house. Or maybe you like to collect pots or models that could be displayed on shelves in various rooms? You might even be an avid gardener, in which case it could be a good idea to introduce some thought-provoking plants near the computer desk where you work. Such touches constantly remind you of your true passions.

Invest in some amazing kitchen units

For many people, the kitchen is the absolute centre of their family life, giving everyone a place to gather to cook, eat and socialise. That’s why the right kitchen units, appliances and worktops can be integral to making your home feel like your own. After all, it’s a room that you’re almost guaranteed to be using on a regular basis, so why not make it both highly functional and as pleasant a sight as possible?