Madeline Weinrib’s Distinctive Decorating

Contemporary Area Rugs by Madeline Weinrib

ABC Modern Rugs

Sassy colors and a touch of whimsy appear to be the hallmark of Madeline Weinrib’s line of carpets and textiles, featured at ABC Carpet & Home in NYC.  With her own floor in the home furnishing giant’s multi-story location, Madeline Weinrib is part of the company’s legacy as the great granddaughter of its founder.  Table linens, bedding, and unusual furniture punctuate the rest of the line.

 Her vivid taste for color and pattern is evident in the unique patterns.  Lime green, bright orange and hot pink are interspersed with hits of black and white for optimal impact.  A distinct Turkish in addition to  Moroccan influence can be felt through the complicated batik and ikat patterns that are the hallmark of her textiles.  Madeline Weinrib’s own line includes pillows and handbags using her boldly stated designs.

The rugs featured in the line are a complement to the complexity of the textiles.  The bold geometric statements have been enlarged and simplified to reflect the details in the pattern, and create art for the floor.  Madeline Weinrib’s love of pattern and color are evident.  Oversized mums are a visual feast in a wool and silk rug, and trefoil patterns create a joyous feel in her Lavender Charm design.  Her approach to design is a one of a kind style that will be the hallmark of any room. 

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