LEMA - Contemporary Italian Furniture and Home Storage Solutions


Wall Units, Home Storage Solutions by LEMA

LEMA is an Italian manufacturing company producing home furnishing systems that make storage available and space comfortable.


AN ITALIAN JOB - LEMA Home Storage Solutions

Founded in the 1970s, LEMA started with a more industrial and commercial focus, producing storage systems for offices, hotels and retail units. Today they have branched into residential space and we are lucky to have them. Their walk-in closet systems are phenomenal. The exquisite nature of LEMA is expressed through the company’s ability to make your closet feel spacious as opposed to cluttered.


LEMA does the opposite of what one might expect with storage: it opens storage space rather than closes it behind several doors or cabinets.

Open shelving units, clean, metal hooks and wall space all balance one another, creating almost a curatorial space for your clothing.

Bedroom Wall Unit Storage Solution by LEMAWhile the style is resolutely modern, the gesture to a wardrobe as a contemplative, welcoming space harkens back to a time when women and men had separate rooms for clothing and books.

LEMA has a showroom in New York as well as a helpful website. Visit them, online or in person, if you can!


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