Kitting Out Your Home Office


It seems that in recent years, the distinction between salaried work and home life has been gradually blurring… as demonstrated by the ever-increasing popularity of the home office. But how do you kit yours out for the most productive and pleasant working day?

Whether you plan to buy portable air conditioning or are wondering how you can add some personal touches without being merely unprofessional, here, we give you the essential tips for kitting out your home office.

Don’t try to save money on the office chair

office chair.jpg

Two of the most obvious elements of a home office are a desk and chair, but you might have mistakenly presumed that all of these items of furniture are basically the same. In truth, they can differ greatly, and the cost of the wrong choice can be a very uncomfortable and awkward working day.

You’ll need to sit on your office chair all day, after all, so you should ensure that it is comfortable, yet supportive over many hours for the most productive working.

Provide suitable reminders of ‘you’


It’s oh so tempting, especially when you are kitting out a home office for the first time, to make it just that bit too ‘homely’ by having a games console nearby or a pile of DVDs. The reality is that you’ll probably already be distracted enough just by the chance to idly browse the Internet on your desktop PC!

That is not to suggest, however, that your office has to resemble a corporate shell. It’s still possible to add some personal touches to make your working environment slightly more bearable, without venturing into an outright lack of professionalism. You may want to have a canvas print on the wall of a favourite local scene, for example, or even some well-situated potted plants if you are a keen gardener.

Invest in portable air conditioning

You are hardly likely to be productive in your new home office if you find yourself sweltering with increases in temperature, and yet this is what so many home workers in the UK suffer with. So why not invest in a portable air conditioning unit that you can move to various corners of the room if needed?

Many of us find ourselves converting even the most unlikely areas of our homes into offices, but the downside is that not all of these spaces have a window that can be easily opened for some fresh air. A portable air conditioning unit, then, can be a very worthwhile purchase.