Kitting Out An Office

What do you think business owners are trying to do to get the best out of their operations in 2013?

Let’s take their office for example. Do we think all they do is worry about securing competitive business insurance quotes or are they getting a bit more creative when it comes to their office space? Depends on the business sector really – if it’s a corporate kind of business, you’d expect the office to be grey, drab and serious.

But what about those creative types? They need a space to flourish. Here we take a look at some of our favourite offices from around the UK from last year; what will 2013 bring?

Mind Candy

If your office is in Shoreditch you can’t really mess around can you. Now we may all expect it to be just like Nathan Barley, and you know what; it actually is. Take gaming company Mind Candy; their East London based office has been turned into a play den with every imaginable office toy. When work is basically play, it doesn’t hurt to play a little Guitar Hero on your lunch break does it?

Innocent Drinks

You know those nice drinks that may cost an arm and a leg, but make you feel like you’re at least getting something healthy into your system. Well their workers also get a daily boost every time they take a break from their busy working lives. The guest area has fake grass, picnic tables, and there’s also an old school red phone box knocking around somewhere too. How quaint.

Red Bull

To be fair, Soho isn’t too far behind Shoreditch in terms of cool. We know, we know it’s a moot point to argue. Soho once had it, now Shoreditch does, but in reality it’s a case of individual taste. But one thing which isn’t up for dispute is the fact that if you have a slide in your office that is amazing. Red Bull in Soho does. Amazing!

Virgin Money

So, using your imagination when kitting out your office isn’t just about the quirky and the kitsch, if you can do it in an environmentally friendly way too all the better. Take Virgin Money’s Edinburgh HQ – it won “Best Recycled and Refurbished Workplace” in the UK in August. It looks cool too. Who knows Branson and Bolt might be there as well.


Do you want your own plant on the roof off the office to call your own and tend to when office life gets tough? Google might be the place for you then. I hear it’s pretty easy to get a job there. Good luck green fingers.