Is the Bedroom turning into the new Great Room?

Designing The Bedroom With The Living Room In Mind

With an active family and work life, sometimes the only solace I have is running to my bedroom and closing the door behind me. I love the master bedroom in my house – it’s spacious and bright, and has everything I need in it (outside of an oven and sink, of course). I’m able to write, scope Facebook, watch a movie, and talk on the phone; all at the same time if I wish. The sink-into chair and ottoman and adjustable lighting make it easy for me to work or lounge, and are in close proximity to the bed when it’s time to actually sleep.

All those things I’ve describes are perfect for my lifestyle, and a detriment to my sleeping habits. I’ve created the ideal great room in my master bedroom, and now the family gravitates toward it since it’s extremely comfortable to them, too. No longer content to watch them on the couch, my family snuggles in bed to catch the latest DVD’s. My daughter loves the idea of camping out on the “big bed” to do homework.

The bedroom has lost its identity to some now that it is no longer relegated for sleeping only. Master bedrooms have been turned into master suites, accommodating not only beds and dressers, but large scale seating areas, entertainment and technology centers, desks, and bar refrigerators. Chandeliers are being hung in lieu of table lamps on nightstands to create more surface space and ceiling height. Area rugs and grand artwork are incorporated into the color scheme, the same as if decorating a living room.

Master suites are being given the same consideration, if not more, than the main living space. It’s not unusual to see the suite given its own “wing” of the house, and accommodating sleeping space, master bath and closet, as well as master seating. Homeowners are making this the go-to area, rather than a great room or family room that offers the same amenities. Studies have shown that in times of economic downturn, people stay home more and are “nesting”. They take refuge in rooms that offer the most comfort, which are primarily the bedroom.

Even if the bedroom does not offer the immense scale of a suite, it is still grand central. With technology being so portable, the bed becomes the perfect place for work and leisure, allowing the homeowner to lounge on a larger surface.

Sleep experts and health officials shudder at the thought that we are doing more things to interrupt our sleep, but homeowners insist that it’s for convenience. After all, I’m still able to use the recliner in the family room to catch up on my zzz’s.