Interior Color Trends 2009

Color Trends

As the interior color trends are making their way into homes, we are starting to see some beautiful pictures surface around the web.  Here are a few pics that caught my eye today.  Vibrant colors paired with neutrals and metallics rule the 2009 color trends.  See the latest Pantone Color Trends

interior color trends 2009 - seamoss green - mimosa yellow - gold accents - earth tone base

Update: See the new 2010 Interior Color Trends

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interior color trends - deep purples - neutrals - vibrant color pops

Interior Color Trends 2009 - burnt orange - turquoise undertones - earth tones

2009 interior color trends - shades of green - beige earth tones - gold accents

Color trends 2009 - mimosa yellow - sea-moss-green - neutral accents - warm earthy undertones

Interior Color Trends 2009 - shades of green paired with black - eart tone accents - pops of vibrant color

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