Inspirational Interiors by Smith Boyd

With an initial interest in architecture, the Art Institute graduate, realized his love for fashion, textiles, and furniture was a perfect foundation for pursuing a career in interior design.  The Louisiana born designer’s first influences were in the rich French history of New Orleans, living in New York City and extensive European holidays.  

Elements of each of these cultures and experiences can be detected in the layers of design found in each space he transforms.  “I build rooms like wardrobes…carefully and specific to the bodies that dwell there.  The net result is a one of a kind home that is a true reflection of who you are and most importantly supports and enhances your lifestyle ” says Boyd.

Smith Boyd Interiors

When asked about his ideal client or project, the designer’s mission is to provide design solutions that are on the edge.  “I explore my client’s style, lifestyles, and overall ideas about living.  My job as an interior designer is to introduce things that would have never been considered, yet achieve the right balance of each client’s ideals and reality.”  In addition to his strict design principle that requires constant editing as to always be “just enough” and never “one too many,” Boyd excels in exceeding clients’ expectations. From conservative to generous budgets, new construction to renovation projects, Boyd’s approach to each project is to minimize the frustration that clients often associate with interior design projects.  His ability to “see the possibilities” coupled with his cool-tempered personality has led to residential and commercial projects spanning from Atlanta, Baton Rouge, New York, to Martha’s Vineyard.

While still fairly new to the industry, Boyd is quickly making an impact and has created a niche of building “boutique bedrooms.”  His philosophy is that bedrooms should be the ultimate hotel suites, therefore destinations for his clients. He aspires to build a body of work and a brand that will position him as an authority in the field of interior design. “There are so many contributions I’d like to make and so much more to learn, I can only hope to inspire as much as I’ve been by all facets of design past and present.” His present contribution comes in the form of a line of rugs the designer is developing with Verde Home in Atlanta’s new design district. The firm’s next exciting endeavor is the renovation of the Richard H. Rich Theater in Atlanta’s prestigious Woodruff Arts Center.