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Most of the time we wish to repel insects from our living area. Yet what if the tables were turned, and we decided to attract them? This does not mean you should try to catch live bugs, but rather you can adopt design, images and objects depicting beautiful insects to help enliven your home. Borrowing from the insect world is a growing trend in the design world. One can start at an extreme as in the case of “Insect Lab,” a studio that borrows from bug life quite literally by outfitting the bodies of (deceased) ladybugs, beetles, butterflies and, yes, spiders with antique watch parts.

If the idea of owning one of these (works of…art?) makes you shiver, perhaps you can invest in one of Insect Lab’s prints that showcase their work. The prints are 11 x 14, are quite beautiful, and cost about $110 per print.

You also might consider mounting carefully preserved butterflies and moths in shadowboxes or frames on your wall. This long standing art continues to attract new fans, especially given the current design climate that highlights 18th and 19th Century curiosity cabinets and “olden day but strangely stylish” etchings, prints and watercolors.

Mars Nymphale Butterfly Art PrintFinally, consider the artwork and book by Christopher Marley, an artist who devotes his energy toward depicting insects due to his fascination, and repulsion, for the squirming, flying creatures. His book, Pheromone: The Insect Artwork of Christopher Marley will fascinate, repulse, and ultimately inspire you.

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