Inexpensive Christmas Decorating Ideas For 2009 - Part Two: Turn to Mother Nature for Decorating Help

Christmas Pine Cones

Part Two: Turn to Mother Nature for Decorating Help

Now that you’ve looked around inside,  take a walk and look for inspiration outdoors.  Collect pine cones, seashells, milkweed pods  or other interesting specimens you find.  Use them as is or add a touch of faux snow, glitter or gold or silver spray paint. 

Christmas Pinecones

Pine cones can be used in countless ways.  Fill baskets with them and set them everywhere.  Hang them from the tree or create your own  pine cone wreaths.  Just open up your imagine imagination and the ideas will come.

pine conesDecorative Christmas Pinecones

Go to a Christmas tree lot and see if they will give you (or sell very cheaply)  the branches they’ve cut from the bottom of trees people have purchased. 

pine conesChristmas Decorating With Pine Cones

Line the mantelpiece with pine fronds or use the evergreen branches to trim around door frames.  Not only will the boughs look nice, but they’ll add a rich holiday fragrance to your ho me.

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