Inexpensive Christmas Decorating Ideas For 2009 - Part Three: Scout Secondhand Stores Seasonal Savings

Inexpensive Christmas Decorating IdeasChristmas Decorating Ideas

Part 3: Scout Secondhand Stores Seasonal Savings

There’s loads of items you can turn into beautiful holiday decorations at thrift stores, consignment shops and secondhand stores.  There’s usually plenty of traditional ornaments, garlands, and holiday figurines on sale, plus candles, Christmas themed linens,  dishes and glassware and decorations for your yard.  This is also a good place to pick up teddy bears and dolls or any other items suggested earlier in this article if you didn’t have them on hand.  

Inexpensive Christmas Decorating IdeasInexpensive Christmas Decorating Ideas

Resale shops almost always have an assortment of baskets for sale.  You can use baskets for a great number of decorating ideas.  Fill them with small wrapped gift boxes, Christmas cards or pinecones and plain red and green ornaments.  Drape holiday patterned  napkins around the basket and fill it with fruit and nuts still in the shell.  Dry orange slices, mix them in a basket with pine needles, cinnamon sticks, and  whole cloves for a fragrant holiday potpourri.  Fill  a basket with old sheet music for Christmas carols or colorful children’s Christmas books.  The ways to use baskets are as varied as the ways to use pinecones when you’re decking your halls this season.

Inexpensive Christmas Decorating IdeasInexpensive Christmas Decorating Ideas

The best part of buying from resale shops?  You’re saving money and you’re being environmentally responsible by recycling items that might have otherwise headed for the landfill.

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