Ikea,the BookIkea, the Book

The instant impact in the design world of Ikea’s release of its first book recently, one aptly named, Ikea, the Book, is just now beginning to reverberate in the public at large.

Isn’t this how it should be? Above all, Ikea is made for the rest of us. Bringing a sense of design in flat, cardboard packages, and frustrating the clumsy among us with its cheerful “assemble it yourself” ethos, Ikea has punched far above its Swedish origins to become an intimate and vital part of homes across the globe.

Ikea room designsIkea living room design.Ikea room designsIkea living room design.Ikea room designsIkea Living Room DesignIkea room designsStylish living room design by Ikea.From dorm rooms in the Midwest to first apartments in the Middle East, Ikea keeps us coming back by releasing new, quirky household goods, furniture, furnishings and textiles every six months.

Ikea room designsIkea inspired dorm room.

Ikea room designsIkea dorm room.Because Ikea is so astonishingly cheap, they also gave birth to the idea that one might seasonally rotate their home’s furniture. One can debate the quality of Ikea goods, but no one can debate Ikea’s mission: to conquer the world, one shelving unit and inexpensive sofa at a time.

Ikea room designsIkea Living Room DesignIkea room designsIkea room design.

Ikea room designsIkea bathroom design.Ikea room designsIkea Gold Bathroom Design.Ikea White Bathroom Design.Now we have a window into how Ikea views itself. Currently available only in Swedish, and frustratingly only purchasable at “The Sweden Book Shop” (which is online), Ikea, the Book hopefully will soon be marketed across the globe in as many languages as the furniture instructions that come in each Ikea box. For now, let’s simply enjoy the buzz about this new book as we look at some of the recently release Ikea items to mark the holiday season.

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