How To Renovate Your Georgian Home Living Room

Georgian homes are filled with fine lines based on the style and architecture of Georgian and Regency England, in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

This reflected the classical splendour of the Italian Renaissance and came into vogue when the English gentry visited Italy on their Grand Tour of Europe. Based on symmetry and harmonious dimensions, the living room of a Georgian style home is airy and inviting.

The focal point of any Georgian home living room is the fireplace. Usually grand and imposing, it is surrounded by a beautifully moulded mantlepiece, which echoes the symmetry of Georgian architecture. By painting your fire surround in a pleasing shade of cream or white, and with the addition of classically inspired mouldings like medallions, you can create a fireplace which is very fitting for this design period. Cast iron backs and basket grates, together with an embroidered period firescreen will create a great look.

Georgian homes typically have
sash styled windows, where the window opens vertically, and travels up and down on a sash cord. Over time sash windows can begin to stick. Sash windows are operated with weights and pulleys, and these may need to be readjusted. You may also need to replace any worn cord. Once the sash windows are fully working again, carefully choose suitable window coverings. Historically, Georgian homes kept the cold out and heat and light in with the use of wooden shutters. However, if you source blinds which are simple and minimal, they will be perfect for enhancing your Georgian living room. Fitting roller blinds in classy shades is ideal, and nowadays they come in easy kit form.

As in every home, in whatever style, good lighting is the key to successful interior decor, and Georgian home styles are shown to best advantage in subtle lighting. Originally Georgian homes were lit by candlelight - the gentry had valuable beeswax candles, and poorer homes were lit with tallow candles. To pay homage to this lighting, ornate gold coloured candlesticks complete with candles can be placed on the mantelpiece. Subtle light fittings on the wall together with central chandelier - which needn’t be too large! - particularly with flame like oval light bulbs are perfect.

To compete this stylish Georgian home living room design, remember to take care when you position your furniture. Delicate and elegant pieces in dark woods, and with plush upholstery, particularly embroidered or in tapestry, is the look you want to achieve. Remember the fireplace is the focal point, so comfortable sofas and chairs can be lined up on either side of the chimney breast. Small reading tables can be dotted around the room, and together with elegant carved wooden chairs, they can be used for the traditional Georgian pastime of taking tea! Remember - comfy settees and chairs in the middle of the room are backed up by elegant wooden chairs around the edges and against the walls.