How to Make the Most of a Kitchen Island

Traditional Kitchen Island Design

Functional Kitchen Island Ideas


A kitchen island can be a great focal point in any kitchen, whether modern or traditional, but getting the most out of this feature is vital.  Due to the fact that kitchen islands are usually located in the centre of the room, if you design and construct one that does not fit in naturally with its surroundings or doesn’t function well, it has the potential to bring down everything around it.


The most important factor to establish before anything else is what you will be using your kitchen island for on a day to day basis, since this will determine what sort of size and features will suit you best in the long-term.

Modern Kitchen Island Design

It is essential that you have enough room to manoeuvre around your kitchen island, so planning the size of the countertop is very important. If you’re a keen cook and often find yourself preparing food, it’s important that you have plenty of space in which to perform tasks such as dicing meat and vegetables, since performing these activities in a confined space can greatly increase the risk of injury.
Even kitchen islands in cheap kitchens can have a hob installed, which means that you can entertain guests with your cooking talents. As it is the focal point of the kitchen, making sure the area is well lit will focus your guests’ attention to it even more and will also make cooking and preparing food on your island easier.
For larger open plan living spaces, an island can act as a great divide between the kitchen and living room or dining area. Those who have to live with a smaller kitchen will know the value of space and a kitchen island can provide extra storage room underneath the countertop. If you find it difficult mapping space in open plan areas, get hold of a free kitchen planner to help with the visualisation. 
The great thing about a kitchen island is the fact that it is multipurpose. Whether you’re cooking, dining, or just relaxing, this kitchen feature can act as your own personal island.