How to Find the Perfect size Dining Table


What Size Dining Table Should I Get?

One of the biggest and most expensive purchases you will make for your home is the dining table and chairs. Choosing the right size dining table itself is a daunting task, particularly if you have a space that is challenging in size. The options and sizes seem limitless, so first it’s important to consider how you will use the dining table and how many people to seat.

The first question asked will always be if you entertain. How many people will you optimally want to seat? With dining tables, size does matter. Estimate about two feet per person to fit around the table. Need to sit six? Your dining table will need to be a minimum of 48” X 42” if rectangular. Most leaves are 18” wide, so take that into consideration.


Design Within Planter Dining Table

The Four Basic Dining Table Styles

There are four basic dining table styles to choose from: Rectangle, oval, round, or square. Round dining tables are ideal for lively conversations since there is no “head” of the table. This type of table looks best in a square dining room. The Platner Dining Table from Design Within Reach ($2,848) shown above is a great example for round, since it is also a pedestal. This makes it much easier to pull chairs around without the worry of having to straddle a leg. Round tables do not always offer leaves especially if they are a pedestal base. Precise engineering has made it possible for the Century radial expansion table shown below to offer leaves that resemble pieces of pie – the top rotates open in order to fit the pieces to make larger.

radial expansion table

Rectangular Dining Tables

Rectangular dining tables are the most traditionally used dining table, and appreciated for their expandability. Corners can be curved to soften the lines. The top can be supported on either pedestals or legs. This type of table can have as many leaves added as needed and keep its integrity. There are infinite styles to choose from to satisfy any look. One favorite is the Parc dining table from Hickory Chair, which can be found in a bevy of finishes to suit your needs.

parc dining table

 Oval Dining Tables

The oval dining table is perfect for when you have a tight fit and need to create an easier flow to a room. Oval can also serve as a more modern look, depending on the base. Wright Table Company offers a transitional take in multiple finishes.

The Square Dining Table

Lastly, the square dining table is one that offers plenty of versatility. They can double as a work table, or create family friendly seating. The Montego square turned leg table from Pottery Barn is lovely for dinner parties, allowing for a large serving space and guest interaction.


Montego square turned leg table

Err on the side of small if the table has multiple leaves. While actual dining rooms are not as popular as they used to be, the multi-functioning great room welcomes this seating with open arms. The dining table becomes a gathering spot not only for food, but games, studying, reading, or conversation.