How to Design Office Space

Effective Office Layouts for Reaching Goals

The layout of any professional office is going to depend on a number of factors. It is important for business leaders to understand that staff need a certain layout in order to work together effectively. By using the most effective office plan, companies will be able to reach their goals more effectively.

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Statutory Requirements

Statutory requirements are the requirements that are set down the laws of a specific country with regards to office space. The laws of each country are going to vary considerably. For example, laws are going to govern things such as ease of access to a fire exit. They will also include other concerns such as the amount of space that each member of staff is allocated for work. Levels of lighting, ventilation and of course temperature controls are all going to factor into this. The guidelines need to be followed closely.

Privacy and Size

Having a large number of staff members in one office is going to require a certain amount of space. In some cases, leaders may wish to give each member of staff a cubicle or use screens in order to give a certain amount of privacy to that member of staff, as well as nameplates on the desks, like the nameplates on Accommodating staff is one of the most important aspects here.

Business Concerns

The concerns of a business must also be factored into the overall design of an office. The size of a staff member’s desk is a good example of this. A lot of offices, such as call centers, will primarily get work done on the computer. This is going to mean that desks do not have to be too big. The desk needs to be large enough to accommodate such things as a mouse, a keyboard, a computer and of course a telephone. Planning needs to take the likes of document storage into account as well. If a company focuses on paper documents, then adequate space is going to have to be provided in the office including items of furniture like filing cabinets.

Staff Teams

An effective method of office planning is to group members of staff into different teams. The teams are going to be based on the function that each member of staff carries out. This will help when it comes to the communication of vital information between members of staff.