Homemade cushions and throws


This summer I thought it would be a nice idea to get the kids involved in the annual decorating process. Every summer, I’ll thoroughly clean the house, rid the cupboards of clutter and re-paint peeling walls. I’ll also often buy into new furnishings, as this is an effective yet affordable way to spruce the place up.


Summer is all about colour for me and adding vibrant throws and a variety of coloured cushions to the home is a great way to give both the living and bedrooms a much-needed surge of life. This year however, I decided creating these items myself would be so much more fun than buying them.


Overall, we have two sofas in the house – one in the study and one in the bedroom. We’re also thinking about buying a new one for the guest room. It’s a rather large room and is looking a little bare with just the one bed. One sofa is blue and the other red, so I decided to create cushions and throws in complementary shades.


I honestly didn’t realise how just a few accessories easy could alter the appearance of an entire room. We began by visiting the local haberdashery store. I could spend an entire day here. Everywhere you look there are colourful fabrics, printed materials, buttons, studs and ribbon – it’s a dream come true.

After choosing a selection of materials, I decided to trawl the Internet for some good ideas. I spent the evening making the cushion covers, this is the hard part and I won’t allow the children to try their hands at stitching yet. They did however help me add the decoration – the fun part. We used buttons on one to create a flower design, ribbons on another and different cuttings of fabric on the last one.

After printing out a number of styles I found on various blogs, I can’t wait to make more. Soon the entire house will be decorated from head to toe; I’ve even started giving my new creations to friends and family as gifts!

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