Home Decorating Trend – A Return to Formal?

Formal Decorating

After years of casual Fridays that turned into the entire week, the American society brought this same approach home and turned their abodes into a more comfortable, relaxed haven. 

Furniture took on an overstuffed, slouchy look with overly distressed finishes that made it ok to put your feet up.  Great rooms took over and formal dining rooms looked like a thing of the past.

Formal Dining Room

Now, in the past two years, that outlook has started to change a bit.  Furniture profiles have started to become more tailored and compact instead of slouchy.  Dressier finishes have prevailed, with more sheen and additions such as metallic accents.  Shiny stone surfaces and glass tops are more popular than ever. 

Formal Decorating

With regards to the fashion world, clothing styles are dressier than in the past as well.  The new casual has become a pressed shirt and dark jeans rather than the sloppy, wrinkled khakis and untucked shirts. 

Formal Decorated Living Room

A more pulled together look with a trim belt, heels and thoughtfully chosen jewelry provides the finishing touches.  In turn, the interior decorating world responded to clients’ requests for more tailored, finished pieces. 

Formal Decorated Living Room

There has been a return to moral values, which creates a need for more family dining space.  Rooms without TV’s are more acceptable to engage lively conversations, reading or entertainment – the furnishings reflect a comfort level that is proper without being stuffy.  Dining rooms are making a comeback in homes as sales in dining sets have risen significantly.

Formal Decorating In Living Room

Even distressed finishes are dressing up with rich sheens and deep colors.  Gold and silver leaf is made to look a little uneven, but there’s no denying how the metallic gives an otherwise staid room some shimmer.  Mirrored surfaces add life and light to dark areas. 

Formal Interior Design

Chenilles and other textures are adding metallic thread or a slight shine to their fabrics.  Silk is still as popular as ever for its luminous qualities; adding simples silk panels to a window can transform a room instantly.

Formal Interior Design and Decorating

Casual decorating will never go out of style, but having dressier rooms brings the home to a new level and shows respect for its contents.  It gives your home a more “show me” value, and puts a shine on an otherwise dull penny.