Home Decorating Tips - Quick Home Makeover


Tips for Home Decorating on the Quick – When You Needed It Yesterday

One of the worst pitfalls in home decorating is waiting until the last minute. It never fails – we decide to have a small gathering of friends, only to decide the house is unfit for anyone to see. This causes panic even in the most calm, and sets the stage for mistakes if done too irrationally.

Ready Furniture

The furniture industry has taken a clue from this bad habit, and is ready in case panic strikes. Stores like Pier One, Target, and Crate and Barrel have items that are ready to go – you can walk in and say you want that arrangement, and it gets delivered as soon as possible. However, who wants their house looking like a staged set? Take breath and look around – what you already own may just need a pick-me-up.

Accessories - Trendy Designer Pillows & Throws

These same stores offer great decorating accessories – pillows, throws, and tchotchkes for every corner. The key is to not get too carried away and overdo it. A couple of new trendy designer pillows on the sofa, maybe a throw to cover up a stain on the chair. Simple accessories can liven up an area by infusing some much needed color.

Custom Furniture On The Fly

If you are lucky enough to have the fear set in around four weeks ahead of time, there is hope to actually receive custom furniture. Many companies such as Hickory Chair and Lee Furniture are promising 2-3 week turnaround times on custom upholstery. Randall Alan has married frames ready to ship – pick your sofa frame and choice of in-stock leather, and it will be on its way almost immediately. Lexington and Baker are keeping back stock on finished tables that can be at your door in as little as two weeks.

Last Minute - Decorating Quick

One of my favorite companies for quick decorating is Ballard Designs. You can receive silk draperies panels overnight, bedding, even table cloths or unusual artwork. If UPS or FedEx can deliver it, you’ve got it made. Other tried and true sources are Pottery Barn, Neiman Marcus, or Gracious Home. All of these have websites that make it easy to order, and returns simplified.

Minimalist Look - For Empty Spaces

The fastest update if you have empty spaces is to trick your guests into thinking you have chic, minimalist taste. This works especially well in a living room.  For bookshelves, stack books horizontally in the middle of a section, setting a vase on top. Other sections can have a simple object placed by itself in the center. Set one great oversized object in the middle of your coffee table, leaving the rest of it open – easy to set drinks or plates down.

Keep It Siimple

Again, I can’t stress how important it is to not lose your grasp and overdo it. Simple updates are fine, but patience is a true virtue if you want to pull the home decorating together right. Buying the right items over time gives a true sense of connection between your rooms. Or, just serve a lot of wine, and perhaps no one will remember you made them sit on the floor!