Home Decorating Tips From Pinterest

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Art and Accessories: Working together complement a tabletop of accessories with a striking piece of wall art. Hang the art about 8 to 12 inches above the table to form an eye-pleasing connection between the items. To complete the effect, make sure that some of the accessories on the tabletop are tall enough to overlap the artwork, helping the art and accessories appear as a single unit.


Tabletop: Order Coffee tables offer lots of space for books, flowers, and decorative pieces. To keep objects orderly and pleasing to the eye, use trays to group similar items, such as ceramics and pillar candles. Try clustering candles of different sizes and colors in one tray and bowls or vases in another. Then jazz up a stack of books by topping with a vessel filled with found objects.


Multiple Shelf Arrangements: Group favorite objects in odd numbers — that setup is naturally more appealing to the eye than even-number groupings. Make a shelf display feel more like art than storage by staggering heights and shapes and putting a little breathing room between objects.


Give Objects a Lift: Use books as graphic, colorful pedestals to give framed photos and other treasured objects a lift. Alternating horizontal and vertical stacks of books add interest to this mantel. Try the same idea on any shelf or down the center of a table.


Focus on a Collection: A hodgepodge of collectibles scattered around a room doesn’t let the eye focus and enjoy any one item. Simplify what you collect. Stick with items that are a similar size or hue. Then gather your favorites in one spot for major impact sans the clutter.


Create Vignettes: A pair of large louvered shutters creates the feel of a mini room. Use this technique to create intimacy and charm, with both large arrangements of furniture as well as smaller displays of accessories. Highlight special pieces by isolating them. Here, sparkling glass cloches (bell jars) cover little bird?s nests with a bit of style and shine.


Eye Rhythm: Use height and scale to guide the eye. In this living room, a mirror fashioned from a schoolhouse window adds vertical interest to a collection of treasures spread out on a French farm table. The eye travels naturally from the mirror to the stone-base lamp, then steps down to the brown-and-white transferware contained in a tray before looking up again to take in the pillar candles.


Graphic Variety: Fill the relatively small space on a side table in the living room with a few well-chosen pieces. Vary their size and shape for visual interest. Here, a unique and colorful lamp is a sculptural focal point next to round paperweights, a rectangular box, and a glass pitcher of flowers.


Sophisticated Shade Dress up a plain pendant or lamp shade with wooden appliques. These intricate accents are available at home centers in the lumber department. Paint the appliques in your desired shade. Let dry and attach to your shade with a hot-glue gun. This embellishment works best with a square shade since the appliques will not bend to the curve of a round shade.


Double the Shine: Give a lamp a one-two punch of shine with ribbon and spray paint. Coat the base in a metallic-finish spray paint and wrap shiny satin ribbon around the shade, securing in place with hot glue or pins


Privacy, Please: Brighten a room without sacrificing privacy. Apply patterned window film to glass-front doors (or windows) to allow light from adjoining spaces to fill a dim room