Home Decorating Ideas: Faux Wood Finish Antique

Distressed Furniture, Faux Finish is In


It seems like I just got done telling someone that the dark java brown smooth finish was still the rage in furniture finishes. But, then I blinked, and found out that the effortless modern appearance was now too perfect, and that “perfection is passé.” There is a new (old) resurgence of antiques, and that we should leave the interest to the distressing and imperfections of a piece. The mid-to-upper end furniture manufacturers are touting their various degrees of how a table can be distressed – much of it amounts to a factory worker taking out his aggressions with a piece of chain or perhaps an ice pick. In the end, we are left with a piece of furniture that you will allow the kids to touch, as the character they add won’t take away from the already worn look of the piece.

Most manufacturers will let you pick the level of distressing from a light antiquing or gentle wear, to something that looks like it was dragged behind a truck. The best thing about distressed furniture and faux finishes is the level of customizing you can do by picking multiple paint colors or stains. A piece can truly be made one of a kind by the level of individualization you choose. Lorts Manufacturing and Hickory Chair are just two of the major manufacturers offering these finely nuanced tricks and do them exceptionally well.

 Mix In Some Modern With Your Distressed Furniture

While distressed furniture may seem like the trend to follow, don’t discount the look a true antique can add to a room. Mixing an old rustic chest of drawers with a modern mirror above it creates a unique look that can’t be replicated by buying new. Some antiques need a little love to bring them back to life which can be as simple as refinishing or changing the hardware.

Lastly, don’t go throwing out the sleek dark brown pieces you just bought two years ago. Take the word “trend” with a grain of salt, and realize that it is the overall mix of your pieces that pulls your home together. There is an art to mixing these styles, but you can have great success doing it with the right pieces and some patience. Those sleek pieces will help to balance out something that is too distressed, and will add some order back into the room. The rooms that look most up to date are the ones that incorporate the old with the new tricks without getting too caught up in the trends in home decorating.