High Point Furniture Market 2009

High Point Furniture Market April 2009

At the end of April, the furniture industry will roll out its latest ideas at the Spring High Point Furniture Market 2009.  Furniture store buyers and interior designers will descend on this small town in North Carolina to view the new designs. 

High Point Furniture Market Trends

The trends will undoubtedly be more eco-friendly products.  Energy efficient lighting options, sustainable materials, as well as recycled materials will be showing up in nearly every product line.  Woods such as bamboo and mahogany will dominate the field.  Reclaimed oak will be shown in more distressed looks.  You will also see exotic materials in the form of mango wood or woven sea grasses as durable furniture pieces. 

High Point Furniture Market: Fashion Inspired Interiors

Fashion and interiors continue to influence each other greatly, and expect to see plenty of bright, candy coated colors – yellow, orange and grass green will be the trendy tones.  The new neural palette of softer grays will have a large impact – taupe, blue-gray, and pale icy tones will also be prevalent.  Brown is still as popular as ever, and will be accented with earthy reds and warmer grays.  Metallic tones will be everywhere, including fabrics and leather.

High Point Furniture Market 2009: Decorative Embellishments

Plenty of embellishments are showing up on lighting, accent tables, and accessories in addition to the fabric lines.  Watch for ruffles, feathers, beading, sequins, and metallic trims to glitz up otherwise ordinary pieces. 

With the economic downturn, many companies are touting smaller, decorative items and accent pieces as their go-to items.  Hand embroidered textiles and beaded trims add an artsy, bohemian flair.  The theory is to update your interiors with small items rather than a complete redo. 

High Point Furniture Market 2009: Traditional Meets Modern

For years the minimal transitional look has been so popular, but is starting to move to a richer, old world, eclectic style.  Wood finishes will be hand planed and distressed on the surface for a more uneven look, rather than the perfect edges and sleek finishes that have been the trend.  You will still see those styles, but customers are asking for more user friendly surfaces that do not show dings and scratches so easily.

Elements of modern and traditional are becoming increasingly combined to create an interesting and more personal statement.  The hard straight lines of modern upholstery are finally embracing the more rounded lines of traditional furniture, with softer cushioning and curved edges.   

This is just a taste of things to come, as the 2009 High Point Furniture Market will offer many more innovative products and design.