Haziza Acrylic Sculpture - H. Studio

H. Studio Acrylic Art Sculptures

 H. Studio has boldly gone where no furniture company has gone before.  Their innovative line of seating, accessories, lighting and even a little fashion is drawing rave reviews among the interior elite.  The Haziza website H. Studio has a feast for the senses, as the company was started in 1991 by Shlomi Haziza. 

The Shai by Acrylic Sculpture Master, Haziza

Not one to hold back, Haziza began designing with acrylic sculpture, and expanded his studio to surround himself with a wealth of designers and artists.  One of their newest pieces, the Shai Bench, makes a luxurious statement in seating.  Deep tufts accentuate the sexy curvature, resting on acrylic legs.  This is a true statement piece in every sense of the word. 

The Lux Bed by Acrylic Sculpture Master, Haziza

Acrylic Bed - H. Studio

Their Lux Bed flaunts its attitude with towering acrylic posts that are softened by choices of suede, Dupioni silk or your own custom fabric.  This romantic backdrop creates a mood all its own.

The Waltz - H. Studio

By comparison, the Waltz dinette table evokes a soft, delicate movement that allows for the simple beauty of the acrylic to shine.  Almost graceful in detail, the table is complimented by the minimal Invisible chairs that are meant to let the table shine.

Acrylic Table - H. Studio

The passionate attention to detail that H. Studio provides is evident in all of their pieces.  Each piece can stand on its own and strike up a conversation.  Combined with all their furniture rugs, sculptures, wall pieces, and waterfalls, this line provides a complete look without becoming too well matched.  Look to H. Studios for the unusual, luxurious interior experience.