Green and Brown Decor


Cutting edge design enthusiasts are always on the move for the next big color combination.

For the last few years, blue and brown has dominated the palette, shifting from light tones to dark. However, those who love warmer colors have insisted that the blue is looking tired, and are turning to a fresh green to use with the brown instead.  Look for green and chocolate brown decor to continue gainint strength well into next year.

Combinations of Green and Chocolate Brown

Brown has become the popular neutral of choice, being able to carry its weight when paired with nearly any color. The new yellow-green tones liven up this palette, and are appealing to a broad range of decorating styles.

The acidic apple green is a fantastic juxtaposition against dark brown. It literally jumps into action in a room, especially when used in larger patterns on furnishings. Romo feature this combination throughout its new collections, and throws in an accent of yellow for good measure. The rich chocolate brown calms these kinetic colors to make them appear easier on the eye and more livable. The overscaled patterns work well for modern interiors.

Chocolate Brown and Green Fabrics

Highland Park & Philip Gorrivan Collection has taken the trend to different level by making the green a more earthy color, and tossing in off white. The result is a sophisticated and elegant look. His geometric patterns give a current twist to an old motif, and work perfectly in today’s eclectic schemes. The luxurious shiny velvet textures are inviting to the touch, and create a timeless look.


Used inside the home or out, the chocolate brown and green color trend is sure to have some staying power for the next few years. This combination makes it easy to add in the trendy colors of orange or chartreuse, or the traditional feel of merlot or gold.

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