Gorgeous Abstract Art by Lynne Taetzsch

If you love abstract art and are really into today’s painters, take a look at the work of Lynne Taetzsch and see what you think.
Her bold and colorful work is stunning. And the number of pieces available in her collection right now is quite astounding, over 200 square paintings and prints, 100 horizontal paintings and prints, 75 vertical paintings and prints and 150 original paintings on canvas.
Lynne’s Giclee Prints are a beautiful alternative to the most costly original paintings. On her website, she offers very detailed explanations about her paintings and prints and the processes she uses. You can also see gorgeous photos of all her work, a detailed resume and history of here exhibitions.
Did I mention her color drawings? Be sure to check those out too. Lynne has also created a 7” by 7” Abstract Art book in 40 pages. It’s available on her website. 
The last paragraph of her Artist Statement:
“As my personal history and culture are my life’s foundation, each layer I paint on a canvas becomes
the history of its surface. These layers accumulate and influence, yet not always overtly. Like sediment, they build. By mixing the acrylic paint with water and gloss medium to make a thin wash, the translucent quality of top layers reveal aspects of the painting’s history. At other times, a thick impasto hides the past. Yet it is there beneath the surface and has had its influence nonetheless.”
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