Glass Kitchen Countertops

Glass Countertops

One of the biggest items I go back and forth on for use are glass countertops.

As pretty as glass countertops are, it is still hard to go against something we’ve been taught for years to avoid. However, glass countertops have come a long way and are actually considered to be as durable as stone countertops in some cases.

Some of the advantages that glass countertops have in addition to being durable:

  • Naturally heat resistant (though hot pads are recommended)
  • Extremely hygienic as the material is not porous
  • Advanced textured finishes make fingerprints, dusts, and scratches less visible

One innovative company is ThinkGlass, who has taken the idea of glass countertops to a new level. Their countertops range from 1 ½” -3” thick, and every top is customized to fit the clients’ needs. Various colors, textures, and patterns are available, as well as the option to create your own look.

Glass Kitchen Countertops

Glass Kitchen Countertops

Clean-up on glass countertops is a breeze using glass cleaners or a mixture of vinegar and water. The look has a very high end, modern feel to it, and is showing with increasing frequency.

Using glass countertops can instantly update a kitchen without having to make major modifications. Under normal use, they feel that the tops will not break, chip, crack or shatter, making them as sturdy as granite or marble countertops.

The cost for glass countertops ranges depending on product between $200-300 per square foot, including cut-outs and edge treatments. ThinkGlass has certainly changed the way I think about glass, making it a product worth looking further into. 

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