Getting The Wheels Turning In Your Contemporary Garage


It’s a truth universally acknowledged that garages often get overlooked when it comes to redecorating.

However, garages play an important role in the home: not only do they protect cars from inclement weather and accidental bumps or scratches from wildlife or neighbourhood kids, but they also guard our pride and joys from vandals and the prying eyes of any car thieves in the area. Much like gardens, they are an important extension of our homes and should be treated as such!


If you’re particularly proud of your car, you’re bound to want to give it the utmost care and attention to keep it in mint condition. For instance, if you are the owner of a sleek new BMW, you are more likely to make use of the garage than someone with a weathered vehicle that is past its best. A beautiful car deserves an equally stunning home, so why not shift gear and divert your renovation creativity to your garage?


Exciting evolutions in technology have resulted in some incredible vehicles on the market today. Developments in engine design with fuel injection and hybrid models becoming the norm are perfect examples of the way in which major manufacturers are constantly pushing the boundaries to the next level. Fusing splendour and the utmost modernity, hybrid models from BMW are well established in the market thanks to their innovative drive systems and sleek design, and such a high end model can only be enhanced by a garage that is on the cutting edge of style.

Creating a contemporary garage


Garage door – Glass garage doors give any room a contemporary edge and the garage is no different. However, if you aren’t keen on exposing the interiors of this space to the outside world, opt for frosted or tinted glass. Give your garage some extra oomph with automated doors.


Furnishings – Try to steer clear of wood as this often exudes a traditional look. While this can work well in a garage, metal units are best for creating a contemporary sheen. Remember to match your cabinets, shelving, work benches and drawers for a consistent design theme and try not to go overboard so that you achieve a modern, minimalist look.

Flooring – Tiles are a great shout for garages because they look good and are easy to clean when tyres bring in dirt from outside or in the event of spillages. Tiles are available in a huge range of colours and many are specifically designed for garages.