Get The Look

Now that we are drawing closer to the launch of StyleEstate, I want to begin slowly integrating the power of the site into the blog here.  I created this space in response to a great series I found at Decor8 titled “How Much For This Room?”.  In this series, Holly Becker, founder and editor of Decor8, creates a post based on a space that has been submitted by one of her members.  The posts show detailed photos of the spaces as-well-as a complete list of products used to create the space.  Her latest post in this series shows a beautiful kitchen that was designed for $7,593.


gehry face off table

I used this post as a perfect example to show how powerful and useful StyleEstate will be.  I created a space titled “Modern, Graphic Kitchen” and added the products needed to “Get The Look”.  I used our exclusive “product grabber” toolbar to go to the stores that Holly posted and literally grab the products.  Now that I have my space uploaded and my products added - I am ready to show it off.  Another great feature will be the ability to recommend products.  Friends of mine will now be able to look at my space and begin adding products that they feel will be a good fit. 


Currently the product grabber is still in development, however all other functions of the site are up and running.  I hope to start adding many more examples in the near future.