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Chairs and Sofas from the 22nd 21st Century

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Those of us who remember Hot Wheels tracks cannot help but think of this seating as a giant version, but its intention is for a more relaxing and refined use. The Loopita is more than just a conversation piece; it is a semi-intimate lounge for two as the two opposing ends make a Jack & Jill-style chaise.

The Loopita is made from a single piece of red oak with high-density foam for comfortable lounging. The brainchild of 21-year-old Mexican designer Victor Aleman, the Loopita has modular possibilities for endless loops of lounging.

Loopita Futuristic Chair by Kon Tact Mag



When I look at this seat, which is clearly inspired by the Mexican toy El Trompo (top), it reminds me of the Dead or Alive songYou Spin Me Right Round (Like A Record). Quite like the vinyl, the TOtoyO spins a complete 360º 

You Spin Me Right Round (Like A Record) by Yanko Design


Kai Korhonen designed the Soft Easy Chair for the Helsinki, Finland based manufacturer Vivero.

Blue Soft Easy Chair by Kai Korhonen by Chair Blog



[ AR1 ] is a fresh translation of the classic chaise longue. Base for the design were ergonomic measurements and contemporary manufacturing techniques.

The body position allows active participation in conversation, but would not block a little nap either. The extreme durability of the materials allows for heavy duty in- and outdoor use, domestic as well as professional.

[ AR1 ] comes in five colors contrasting the white base; but color wishes can be fullfilled. Kid’s version available. Designed by Arthur Rottier of PCS

Chaise Longue by Arthur Rottier by Dezeen



Designed by San Francisco based designer, artist and scientist, Kenneth Smythe, this extraordinary chair is based on the design originating from evolutionary models of nature.

Kenneth Smythe chair embodies complex theories of nature by BornRich


There’re really plenty of armchairs on the market that lay claim to the ’sci-fi piece of furniture’ however only some of them have the true spirit of that moniker half as much as the Interlux. Made of neon lighting & Plexiglas tubes this armchair, a project of Manfred Kielnhofer, is a piece of home furniture which would have no problems at tall fitting right into 22nd century living room. But where this armchair definitely impresses is with its options for customization.

The thing is that the colour of the neon tubes can easily be changed meaning that it is possible to suit it to different moods & tastes.

Manfred Kielnhofer Neon Chair by Home Furniture Today


Designer Sacha Lakic used her technical expertise as a former futuristic car and motorcycle designer and came up with the mind blowing Speed Up series of contemporary furniture for hot furniture house Roch Bobois. Needless to say, the whole series is a real tribute to the aerodynamic cuts of the hot-rods with thermo-shaped components and futuristic neon lights accenting spaceship-like shapes made popular by Star Trek!

Speed Up by Roche Bobois Furniture is a real cruise by BornRich



‘if freedom were a form it would be a never-ending undulating boundless biomorphic shape that is in perpetual motion. form follows fluid. n a post-industrial house our conditions will be more relaxed, softer and blobular, where our experiences will be more hypertextual and less linear.
The blobchair speaks to the new casualism that is feeding our ever changing and shifting global lifestyles. blob architecture may shape our environments; organic systems will change our paradigms, and organomics may shape the objects with touch everyday…’ KR

milan design week 2008 preview: karim rashid by Design Boom


In the work of Christian Piccolo emerges the need to achieve balance through a procedure governed by an almost maniacal perfection. That’s  why he  prefers to use a pure, simple and geometric style, that is considered an expression of the utmost rigor performances. He begins his profession drawing his first products in ceramics for Certre Remeggio Fashion House. 

Christian Piccolo - Designing path of a masterpiece by IDF Design



While this Omega desk-and-chair furniture set by the furniture-and-architecture firm Atomere are clearly design-and-style driven there are functional moves hidden within their smooth forms. Structurally, the rounded and reinforced surfaces are deceptively strong but also flexible enough to provide additional comfort.

 Futuristic Furniture: Ultramodern Desk and Chair Design Set by DorNob


The VONDOM furniture collection showcases a new sensory experience for both indoor and outdoor living. This exciting assembly features brand new colors, shapes, and lines that are unprecedented in the outdoor landscape arena . The aesthetic results help create a comfortable & harmonic environment. 



Yet another Yanko design, the “the seat –circle-library’ was creatively envisaged and designed by Thomas Mills. He evidently had two aspects in mind while designing this circular library- long form and short form. Long form implies things that take more than a few seconds to access like books, and films. Short form, according o Thomas Mill ‘s parlance includes the internet and magazines and text messages.

The Seats – An Amazing Circle Library by Gadget Her


Retro Car can be created as very modern and unique furniture design. Polish designers from theLA Design Studio has created this amazing custom-built auto furniture collection that inspired from retro cars. Designed in retro style, These handcrafted furniture are made of aluminum, leather and original car parts.

Very Modern And Unique Furniture Retro Cars Inspiration by Daily Furniture Magazine


The Leolux 2010 collection, to me, looks like what I would find furnishing the lounge area of a livable spaceship. I mean, the first thing that came to mind was ‘Star Trek.’ Yet for those modern folk out there, I can easily envisions this line on land as well.

Chroma-Futuristic Furniture


Once again the Italians shine when it comes to outstanding contemporary furniture, and here are two awesome chairs sure to compliment a great looking home or office interior. BBB Emmebonacina is certainly not a new name with a 50 year history in trendsetting all original furniture designs.

The Sledge arm chair by designer Massimo Colombo has a classic leather and steel combination with conservative lines, perfect for placement as an office chair. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the fun and casual Smile chair by designer Marcello Ziliani may be to informal for commercial office furniture but it will tastefully add stylish accent seating to your contemporary home décor. These two chairs are a sampling of the great looks and diversity of BBB Emmebonacina’s collection that spans most of the modern movement.

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