Flowing lines with Metris® Contour Curve


The Metris Contour Curve kitchen is a design inspired by New York lofts; this look uses flowing lines to soften a deliberately industrial influence – creating a functional kitchen with no compromise on style.

Intelligent use of curved features creates a wide peninsular and extra space to cook, work and entertain.

Metris is one of Britain’s leading independent contemporary kitchen brands, offering luxury bespoke kitchens to the most discerning customers.

This signature look includes a host of features including a curved wall unit and curved internal drawer packs to offer the designer yet further scope to create a kitchen that not only looks stunning but is increasingly functional too.

Key to the Contour Curve concept is the wider curved system to create the extra deep peninsular, which offers many practical benefits. There is now sufficient room to integrate statement appliances and options for enhanced storage space. However, the design has been conceived with the realities of British homes in mind and actually works in a relatively small footprint, making clever use of space.

Comments Richard Gates, Metris Brand Manager, ‘ The Contour Curve is a multi-purpose zone where so many activities can take place, not only preparation, storage and cooking but there’s plenty of room to incorporate a social area too. It’s a natural development from the original peninsular curve and fitted curve and the initial response from our Metris dealers has been overwhelmingly positive’.

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