Flavor Lair - The Stunning Showroom Of Flavor Paper

The Flavor Lair, is the Brooklyn headquarters for the Flavor Paper Company which houses the wallpaper production facilities, offices and showroom and won the 2010 Best of the Year Showroom from Interior Design Magazine.

The Skylab design features an open kitchen approach where you can watch wallpaper being handscreened from the sidewalk in the 70’ long overhead mirrors.

The showroom is truly one of a kind with it’s Cycloid based layout and banquet that can comfortably seat twenty people. Flavor Paper has many large repeat, intricate, light reactive wallpapers that must be experienced in person and their giant spinning racks provide the perfect view.

The offices have custom colored Power Plant on the ceiling and inspires us daily. The staircase has a five story wall of custom colored Sakura and a Lite Brite sculpture in the center that showcases the pattern in neon. Not that their blacklight wallpapered elevator isn’t an experience either.

The upper floors house a few of the Flavor People, possibly the craziest hallway in Brooklyn and a phenomenal rooftop meadow that has nice views of Sakura, Kabloom, and Manhattan.

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