Five Reasons to Redecorate Your Home

When you decide you want to redecorate your home, you might feel the need to justify spending money or changing the way things look to your partner or family.

If ‘just because you want to’ isn’t a good enough reason for the people you live with, here are some top reasons (or excuses, depending on how you look at it) for wanting to redecorate your home.

Put your own stamp on the place

If you’ve recently moved home or you moved a long time ago and have simply never got round to redecorating, now is as good a time as any. It’s important that your home reflects your personality, so if you’re still living with the same wallpaper as the last owners, it’s about time you start making your mark on your property.

Whether you want to completely redecorate and change colour schemes, or just breathe a bit of new life into the place, putting your own stamp on your interior is important when it comes to making any old house feel like your home.

You’re planning on moving

Who says that you only have an excuse to show off your interior design skills when you move into a new place? Many people like to redecorate when they put their property on the market as they realise that their outdated style may put off potential buyers.

Although it’s probably not necessary to do a complete refurbishment of the whole house, you should at least give the place a lick of paint.

The kids have flown the nest

If the kids have all grown up and moved into their own homes, you might want to turn their old bedrooms into a study or a second living area. Once they’ve all flown the nest, there’s nothing, other than your other half, to stop you from decorating each and every room however you please. This is your chance to get that walk-in wardrobe you’ve already dreamed of.

Come into money

Wouldn’t that be lovely? Although it might be the least likely of all the reasons, if you were to come across a goldmine, redecorating your home into a luxury palace may be one of the first things on your ‘to-do’ list.

Inherited antique furniture

Sometimes it’s not just money that gets passed onto the next generation; furniture is also a popular item to leave to the kids. If you’ve been given some antiques that don’t match your current interior, it’s the perfect excuse to redecorate the home.

Whatever the reason that you fancy a change, visit Betta Living for some unique and exciting designs.