Five Easy Decorating Ideas To Decorate Through The Recession

Decorating Recessionista Style: Shop your own home

Every magazine is telling us to shop our own closet before buying new spring fashions, but what about your home? Spring is the time when most homeowners start itching for change, but yet the economic forecast is tells us to resist unnecessary spending. Maybe it’s time to take stock of what you have, and what easy ways you could reuse, rescue, or rehab it.

1. Paint

A fresh coat of paint can transform any room or area in an instant. Do it yourself - paint is still the cheapest update and there are an inordinate amount of incredible colors just waiting to be used. Furniture will also benefit from a new coat. Try to be a little more risky or fashion forward in your choice of hue - the worst thing that happens is that you can repaint if you don’t like the color.

2. Accessories

Pull out that old serving platter you received for a wedding gift – can it be used as a tray on the coffee table? Glass mixing bowls can serve double duty as centerpieces – add limes or lemons for a fresh look. Pull books off the shelves and use them to elevate decorative boxes or plates – the added height is great for adding balance to an end table. Change up your photo frames by adding new pictures, and incorporating them into your tabletop arrangements.

Sometimes existing accessories just need a face lift. Add a little metallic paint to accent the edges of an old box or candlestick. Glue beads, mirrored squares or other embellishments to containers, accent tables or even pillows to add some trendy glam to a room. Look through your storage at rarely used items to see if they could easily be incorporated into your room, even with a little help.

3. Lampshades

Sometimes that old dog just needs a new trick. Add colorful cording or gimp to the edges of lampshade using a little hot glue. The new trendy trims use beading and metallic threads to add kick.

4. Animal print

When in doubt, use a little leopard, I always say. Once considered a trend, animal print is a must-have standard in home decorating. It can be as little as small pillow or footstool. Local fabric stores carry plenty to choose from, at inexpensive prices.

5. Recover

Sometimes just recovering dining chair seats makes a huge impact. Look for fresh colorful fabrics to liven up an area that seems forgotten. Small seat cushions are easy to do yourself if the fabric simply staples underneath. You can also get the glue gun out and trick it out with decorative cording on the edges.

These are quick, easy fixes that will freshen up your home. Clean out your closets and keep an open mind – you may have had the perfect items all along.