Faux Bear Rug - Bearskin Polar Bear Rug by Eelko Moorer

Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing

As the ever influential Austin Powers would put it: “Grrrr…baby”. Eelko Moorer has created a hand-cast urethane rubber Bearskin Rug. More like a toy than an actual rug, this 70” X 61” bear was sculpted in clay originally, and then a silicone mold created.

faux bear rug - polar bear rug - white fur rug

Available in white, brown, black and almost any custom color available, this piece is at home on the floor or as a wall hanging. You can’t help but want to touch the sculpted “hair” and will be surprised by its substantial feel. The teeth have a hysterically ominous feel to them, thrilling kids as well as the kid in you. While not a cheap indulgence, the bear is $9,800 at www.mossonline.com .

Moorer was born in the Netherlands in 1975 and studied 3D design and shoemaking prior to opening his own studio. He has a Masters from the Royal College of Arts in Design Products. His dark sense of humor and eye for the unusual are evident at his website, www.eelkomoorer.com .