Fashion in Fabrics: Lace gains popularity in Interiors

Lace Paterns in Interior Design and Decorating

Interior design trends continue to overlap with 2009 spring fashion trends as lace or lace-like patterns return to decorating. This ancient motif has inspired numerous lines, and is showing up in some of the most unlikely of places.

Ex-Collection by Ex-Primae - ARNO Table

French company Ex-Primae has created an entire collection combining modern, masculine forms with lace overlay in their Ex-Collection. Available for use indoor or outdoor, the punched aluminum ARNO table and chairs are clearly inspired by a classic lace design. They also feature a floor lamp with the same motif inscribed. The hard lines of the metal take on a Victorian-inspired quality that oddly works well together.

Surya Rugs Meditation Line - Lace Rug in Green Stars

Surya Rugs offers a play on a historic lace pattern in its Meditation Garden line. The soft geometric lines create a sort of snow-flake effect. The Lace Rug in Green Stars from I.C.E. is handmade of New Zealand wool in Nepal. It has a fresh take with the popular lime green and brown coloration.



 Many times traditional motifs make a comeback in times of uncertainty, as 2009 will surely be remembered for. The return to these shapes creates a sense of comfort in the familiar, yet the ways the motif is being used fits the style and spirit of modern times. Lace has been showing up in fashion lately as well for this same reason. The strong tradition of lace makes it attractive in many circles for decorating, as it is still appreciated for its timeless qualities.